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Welcome to my 3d Printing Page.

Are you having trouble with your Prusa MK2?  You can find a tremendous amount of help on slack.  Seriously, these guys are amazing.


In fact, I’m going to say it again, these guys are literally your best option for support.  The consensus of opinion of Prusa support is that they are overloaded at this time.  So.. go here.



Now that my printer is working I was asked what my opinion of it was.  Here is my honest opinion, for what it is (a collection of 3d printed parts, hardware store fiddly bits and some steppers and a driver board) it is simply an amazing machine.  In other words, taking the barest of materials and making a machine that produces such high quality prints, well my hat is off to you Mr. Prusa.  With that being said, there are some downfalls I hope get addressed.

  1.  Support:  There needs to be a way for customers to open a support case or ticket.  Some sort of portal with your support people where a chronological order of information is supplied.  Videos, pictures, testing procedures ect.  Something that the customer and support can refer to and update.  Not just a online chat experience.
  2.  Please design or include some sort of alignment tool for the base frame.  This would alleviate so many issues for the first time builder and for your support and community support people, knowing that the base was assembled properly gives everyone a frame of reference and a solid ground work to troubleshoot from.
  3. I’m not sure if this even possible but a way to determine exactly what the xyz calibration failed on would be very help full.  The generic message “XYZ calibration failed please consult the manual” is extremely vague.
  4. After talking with many of the people @codehemi it seems that multiple attempts at assembly is “the norm”.  No, you’re not stupid, no, you’re not going insane, and yes, it is incredibly frustrating and time consuming.  Its just the nature of this particular beast.  Some, as I suspect that multiple assembly and disassembly runs the parts through enough times to remove any excess flash from manufacturing process and actually seats the parts together better.  I was on the look out for flash myself but I do know I followed my build notes exactly from assembly attempt 2 to assembly attempt 3 and #3 worked perfectly.  I can’t explain it.  I don’t know why and most likely never will.  I just know that my printer calibrated perfectly after attempt 3.


Here is a reference of measurements for your MK2.  Keep in mind this is not an “Official Prusa document” but originated from community support.  Keep in mind there are variances in 3d printed parts so your particular measurements may differ slightly.  Use this as a handy visual guide.


Below is my build log for Prusa support to review.  Hopefully you can use it too.

My build log is not a replacement for the manual.  I did it in order to have a reference for others to look at, feel free to use it in conjunction with the official Prusa build doc.

**It is very important to document your build should you need community help or official Prusa support.**

Prusa MK2 Build Log 1/18/2017


Some must have Prusa Add-0ns

Linear bearing holders