I Fixed It

I’ve had the pleasure lately of working on an a early 80’s Wheel Horse C125 for friend. As many of you know I am a cub cadet guy myself. So the Wheel Horse was having ignition issues. A quick check of the spark plug showed no spark. I tested the spark plug wire for continuity (among fixing the hatchet job someone did on the wiring harness) and saw that the wire was dead. So I ordered a tune up kit off ebay with a new wire, condensor, points and plug. Of course finding time in the shop to deal with such things is always a hassle but last night after a particularly good day, I was able to get up to the shop and put the new wire in. Still no spark. I cleaned and reset the gap and put on the new condensor. Still no spark. Finally I said what the hell and put the ebay points on even though the old one looked perfectly fine. Badabing, spark. Sometimes it helps to not over look the simple and easiest solutions.